Andúnë Alqualondesse

The Swan Ships are gone, taken by force against the will of the Falmari by Feanaro and his Noldor. The First Kinslaying ended in bloodshed on top of the loss of the ships and all that was left in Alqualonde was sadness and mourning. Ages later, the wound inflicted by such betrayal still lingers in some Eldar, such as this maiden whom looking to the horizon can’t help shedding tears for the kin she has lost and their craft destroyed. A blazing sun reflects in the sea almost as a constant reminder of the fire. Her garb, of many shades of blue and intricate in detail as the foam that forms on waves contrasts with the sea instead of complementing it. She came upon the shore riding a steed with matching barding, sure in its canter whereas the rider wavered in her thoughts
Andúnë Alqualondesse means sunset of Alqualonde. It is my headcanon that the survivors of the first Kinslaying are still mourning what happened that day, even if later on they forgave the actions of their kin. While scouting for locations to take screenshots I initially wanted it to be morning to have an all blue theme, but man do sunsets in Belfalas are breathtaking, and the whole thing clicked. The horse is intended as a reward for one of the Gondor factions (steed of the Ship-Kings) but by the looks of it, I’d rather associate it with elven mariners than Numenor/Gondorians. The Falmari were the first lto build ships after all! I always have a hard time taking screens of the steeds while moving… but matching horse and rider outfit is really fun and makes up for the frustration XD

head:  Rune-maker’s hat, barter at the skirmish camp, classic vendor

chest: Morgul explorer’s chestplate, barter in Echad Uial

hands: Supple Fangorn gloves of Spirit, belegaer blue dye, crafted tailor recipe (westemnet)

feet: Morgul explorer’s Sabatons,, barter in Echad Uial

back: Cloak of the Ibis, belegaer blue, lotro store

horse: Steed of the Ship-Kings, kindred reputation with Pelargir

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