The wood-fay sprites

“About them fared a great host who are the sprites of trees and woods, of dale and forest and mountain-side, or those that sing amid the grass at morning and chant among the standing corn at eve.

…their number is very great: yet must they not be confused with the Eldar, for they were born before the world and are older than its oldest, and are not of it, but laugh at it much, for had they not somewhat to do with its making, so that it is for the most part a play for them.” The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, “Once upon a Time and An Evening in Tavrobel”

The sprites and fays were part of what in Tolkien’s earliest tales was a three-fold division of the lesser Ainu: sylphs (spirits of the air), sprites (spirits of the earth), and water spirits. They never made the cut in the final versions of his legendarium, but he did give some important details early on:

Nermir: “fays of the meads” Gnomish (Gnomes being his early name for Noldor so read Noldorin) nermil: “a fay that haunts meadows and riverbanks”
Tavari: “sprites of trees and woods” or “fays of the woods” Gnomish tavor: “a wood fay” (Qenya tavar, tavarni “dale-sprites”, plural tavárin
Nandini: “fays of the valleys” Gnomish nandir: fay of the country (Qenya nandin)
Orossi: “fays of the mountains”

We are given scarce names for these sprites, but three: Sacha the fire fay, Tethil the wood fay and Tinfang Warble the flutist, also known as Timpineng or Gelion. These sprites were replaced later with what we all know as Maiar (see Gandalf, Saruman, Melian etc)

(many thanks to Tolkien Gateway for the info)

Well… I never thought I’d make an entry for my Earliest Tales serie, as the bulk of it I posted 7-6 years ago, but here we are! I read the Book of Lost Tales also years ago and the mention of sprites of any kind was all but forgotten, until now while doing research for anything lore-ish to tie in the outfits here. Sprites are traditionally more mischievous than kind, but also often depicted enjoying music and dance, so here I have a pair of wood-fays making merry in the Trollshaws. When I think of nature spirits I imagine them made of the very element they represent, in the case of woods and forests, with bark-like skin and leaves for hair. Obviously not possible in this game but the cosmetics are intricate enough and heavily patterned that they convey the image I wanted (hopefully). The devs who designed this batch of festival rewards did a great job in bringing us some much needed variety from the cloak made of leaves (not your standard leaf print motif on a piece of cloth) to actual wings. I only wish the wings could be dyed… needless to say, this is not considered canon in Tolkien lore but who knows if we might encounter a sprite or two in game

lord sprite:
head: Brilliant Forest Defender’s helm, barter from the Curator
chest: Tunic of the Leaf-turner, burgundy dye, harvestmath festival reward
hands: Gloves of the Lady’s power, burgundy dye, Dar Narbugud champion set, barter in Caras Galadhon
feet: Berseker’s boots, burgundy blue dye, barter in Ost Galadh
back: Cloak of the Autumn Sage, burgundy dye, harvestmath festival reward

lady sprite:
head: Circlet of Lorien, midsummer festival reward
chest: Vestments of the Autumn Sage, gold dye, harvestmath festival reward
back: Cosmetic bee’s wings, harvestmath festival reward

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