The honey baker

A hobbit gotta do what a hobbit gotta do. Bake bread loaves and pies! But not just any pie, a special one filled with the best honey from the Beorning lands. As soon as I saw the new cloak in the pool of rewards for the spring instances I thought “hobbit outfit”. While hobbits can very well make their own honey and tend bees themselves, I like to think that some adventurous halfling aside Bilbo journeyed to the far off beorning lands in search of the fabled, sweetest honey for the best pies. Plus, the other instance features Grimbeorn himself and his working bees. Fitting!

head: Top hat, rust dye, Cosmetics barter at the skirmish camp

shoulders: Padded mantle of the Dunland soothsayer, crimson dye, Dunland quest reward

chest: Harvest brew dress, crimson dye, reward from the Farmer’s Faire

back:  Honeycomb cloak, crimson dye, reward from instance barter

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