Glingal and Belthil, Gondolin honour guard

“And the Tree which he made of gold was named Glingal, and the Tree whose flowers he made of silver was named BelthilThe Silmarillion, “Quenta Silmarillion: Of the Noldor in Beleriand”

Glingal and Belthil were two trees crafted by Turgon in the image of the Two Trees of Valinor, Laurelin and Telperion. After building Gondolin, the Gondolindrim never ceased to work on embellishing the city. Turgon himself created these two trees as effigy for the Valinorean Trees in his court. It is said they even resplended of their own light and Glingal means “hanging flame” or “gleaming light”; Belthil “divine radiance”. In the Book of Lost Tales during the Fall of Gondolin it is under the trees that the survivors erected barricades as a last stand, and Turgon rallied them proclaiming the doom of the city, throwing his crown at the Roots of Glingal. Both trees were destroyed.

But while Gondolin stood as a bastion of hope for the Eldar, they were much revered and jealously guarded by a selected honour guard, dressed in the colors of pale gold and pure white, with hauberks encrusted of blue gems and cloaks portraying the Two Trees. Purely a ceremonial position, but nonetheless one of prestige and honour

(needless to say the Honoured Guard is a product of my mind, but I can picture a couple elves standing guard by these treasures of noldorin craft at all times, like…. don’t you dare touch them!). The Bright Company attire, that should reflect the same clothes of the npcs we met in Mordor Besieged is available from Myrtile who finally shoved Figbert out of the way and will stay untill… November? Fall give or take. I don’t grind figments or embers regularly because I am quite fed up with the whole system, but you can bet when there is something I want, I steel my will and grind away. These new cosmetics are my kind of thing, there is also a horse, but it wouldn’t have matched the theme I was going for in this post. It is a very beautiful horse though.

shoulders: Shoulders of the Wall Warden, shire peach dye, barter at the classic vendor in the skirmish camp

chest: Breastplate of Bright Company, shire peach dye, figment vendor (Rowan)

hands: Wrist-guards of the Waking Wood, white dye, anniversary reward

feet: Boots of Bright Company, figment vendor (Rowan)

back: Alliance of the Third Age Silk Cloak, white dye, Mordor collector’s edition exclusive

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