Bright Feathers

I don’t have much to say about this outfit, I simply wanted a good match for the new Gwindeth-like dress available from Rowan. It has a very odd way of taking dye, the base blue hue is still very apparent with most colors which give this dress a unique result most of the time. I preferred something more subdued though, and something that wouldn’t clash with the undyeable brown shoes of the dress. Rust gave me the exact shade I wanted to match both shoes, hat and cloak, it kinda makes the pattern of the dress look like peacock’s feathers (and in the absence of a peacock’s cloak the dragonfly one will have to do)

head: Theodore Gorse’s Hat, unber dye, reward from Bingo’s barter, Bert Bertleby in Andrath

shoulders: Mantle of the Spring Woods, spring festival reward

chest: Dress of the Twilight Caretaker, rust dye, barter for figments of splendour from Rowan Raspberry

back: Dragonfly cloak, ranger green dye, lotro store

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