Angle Scout

the Angle of Mitheithel was the wedge of land between the rivers of Hoarwell and Loudwater, south of the Trollshaws. It was originally part of Arnor, then annexed to Rhudaur, and later in the thrid age even home for the Stoors, one of the hobbit branches who crossed the Misty Mountains. In the old days, elves established outposts and held their last line of defense during the war of Eregion against Sauron, not all that is left are haunted ruins, much like the remnants of Rhudaur. The Dunedain made their home among such ruins, and together with Elrond’s scouts safeguard this strip of land from any remaining evil threatening to move further into Eriador. This scout is one of them, appointed by Lord Elrond, clad in the colors of the forest, skulking unseen seeking threats to take down. Her equipment is made up of both mannish and elven attire, in a mix that is as practical as it is of good quality

Yup, I decided to go with lotrO lore instead of classic lotr for the background of this outfit. I love the new region, it feels like being transported back in the SoE era of lotro, it has that classic feeling to it while visually an upgrade from old Trollshaws. I just wish we could cross into Eregion from the river… also I finally found a use for this anniversary cloak. Why oh why only a hooded version exists of it?

chest: Lági’s Shiny Cuirass, epic quest reward (the Legacy of Durin, chapter 1.4)

hand: Ceremonial Gauntlets of the Quiet Step, umber dye, cosmetic vendor at the skirmish camp

feet: Ceremonial Boots of the Quiet Step, umber dye, cosmetic vendor at the skirmish camp

back: Hooded Cloak of the Woodland Realm, reward for the 8th year of anniversary

bow: LI, Third Age bow lvl 54

daggers: Blade of Swift Stings, Heroes of the Limlight Gorge barterer, Ally standing

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