The bunny cloak

This counts as spring/anniversary/easter outfit all in one XD Also, as the “female version” of a very old outfit from Starry Mantle’s blog, Quick as a bunny I’ve always heard this cloak called “the bunny cloak” in all my years of lotro because it’s the only one featuring… well literally a bunny on it. It can’t be dyed so that makes it tricky to match and it has a lot of colors. I’ve been meaning to make an outfit around it for the longest time but kind of forgot the cloak even existed with new cosmetics rolled into the game at almost every festival. The lack of new cosmetic clothes for spring has been a breather, to be honest, I can dedicate my grinding efforts to the upcoming anniversary without feeling festival burnout, and give some love to this very old cloak that existed since the beginning of lotro

shoulders: Pristine Dwarf-make Shoulder Guards, crafted tailor recipe, world drop

chest: Mathom Long-sleeved Dress, olive dye, barter with Mathom hunters rep in Michel Delving

back: loak From the Men of Bree, bartered at Bree-town, Men of Bree vendor rep


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