The Kinn lai tribe

Ages ago, when the world was Young and the light of the Stars was all that lit its Surface, the Quendi awoke. The Elves, or Quendi as they called themselves, lived together until the Vala Orome came to bring them to Valinor. Yet not all of them answered the summons. Some, not trusting the Valar decided to remain in Middle Earth. Avari they became, the Unwilling. As the ages passed, it is unknown what happened to most of them. Some say their tribes are extinct, some secluded, but what we know for certain is that one of these tribes called themselves the Kinn-lai

Kinn-lai is an Avarin word meaning “the People”. It derives from Primitive Quendian kwendī. This tribe is mentioned just in passing in History of Middle Earth, but the fan lore from Middle Earth RolePlay (MERP) expanded significantly on them, and this is where I got inspiration from this outfit. In MERP this tribe of Avari Elves comes from the jungles of the Mûmakan in the Utter South of Middle-earth. They lived in stone buildings and metalwork was largely unknown to them until they met the Blacklocks clan of dwarves from which they learned metallurgy. Living in the jungle, stone buildings, little to no metal… well the brawler Dar Narbugud set is perfect for this! I gotta say the DN set alone is worth levelling a brawler, because it is truly unique and it looks of another era. The leaf motif and leather bands very much speak silvan elf to me, but with a twist so I thought, let’s give this outfit a real twist and make it represent something that is at the border of Tolkien lore (and imo so is the brawler, yes it is a fun class to play and I have fun with mine, but don’t come tell me it fits the canon XD) A pair of leaf gloves, a very simple cloak and two swords that this elf probably crafted learning in a dwarven smithy complete the look. And the location? None other than the Lost Temple in the Trollshaws! Perfect alternative to a true jungle with ziqqurats.

chest: Breastplate of the Lady’s Decisiveness, barter in Caras Galadhon, brawler trainer

shoulders: Fur-Lined Storyteller’s Mantle, olive dye, dunland quest reward

hands: Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths, olive dye, Great River quest reward

feet: Boots of the Lady’s Decisiveness, barter in Caras Galadhon, brawler trainer

back: Cloak of the Dreamflower, olive dye, Moria epic quest reward

swords: Sword of Harad, drop from the Osgiliath instances

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