Elf of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain

The Gwaith-i-Mírdain, or People of the Jewel-smiths, were a group of Elven smiths of the Second Age who created the Rings of Power, with Celebrimbor grandson of Feanor as their leader. They dwelled in Eregion and their capital was Ost-in-Edhil, Much of the ancient, wondrous elven craft was lost in the First Age, but this group of Noldorin and Sindarin craftsmen laboured to keep traditions and wonder alive, especially in the matter of stalling the decay of all things, eventually reaching their goal through the craft of the Rings of Power…. and too late realize that their ambition made them blind and vulnerable to Annatar-Sauron’s deception. The elf we see here is one such apprentices of Feanor’s grandson, his attire simple, practical and functional yet with the touch of elegance that always is signature of the Noldor. the padded hauberk dyed with the colors of the forge, he contemplates the flames, perhaps wondering what new marvel could take form from the swings of his hammer. He doesn’t have worries about his future, not when the fires are still roaring and the flames burning high and mighty

Well, what can I say. The new Delving gear plus the new skirmish and the lore of Caras Gelebren sparked some inspiration and this outfit came together effortlessly. I can see this hauberk being perfect for a day in the forge, the padding and the belts surely make it look the part. It dyes in pastel colors, here it looks pale orange, but I actually used umber. And the shoulder mantle… oh how i love it! I was waiting for a simple wrap around mantle like that for a long time. I’d like to make more outfits with the delving gear as at high tiers the dyeable parts switch, so effectively the same hauberk looks different that it is teal, or purple-green, rng plus the exorbitant cost of the barter pieces mean it will be a long term goal…… bah

shoulders: Mantle of hidden Peaks, umber dye, barter from Rowan Raspberry for figments of splendour

chest: Benevolent Delver’s hauberk, umber dye, random reward from delving chest, heavy class

hands: Defender’s gauntlets of the Rising Moon, crafted heavy gear tier 13

feet: Defender’s greaves of the Rising Moon, crafted heavy gear tier 13


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