Blue Caste Sorcerer

“I really do not know anything clearly about the other two [wizards] – since they do not concern the history of the N[orth].W[est]. I think they went as emissaries to distant regions, East and South, far out of Númenórean range: missionaries to ‘enemy-occupied’ lands, as it were. What success they had I do not know; but I fear that they failed, as Saruman did, though doubtless in different ways; and I suspect they were founders or beginners of secret cults and ‘magic’ traditions that outlasted the fall of Sauron.” (Letter 221, The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien)

In the east of middle Earth, some tribes of Rhunendin and Easterlings count among their ranks men devoted to fell sorcery, who wear peculiar clothes in blue. Some light, some in darker shades, but they both call themselves sorcerers of the Blue Caste. Nobody outside of their tribes know where they got thir powers, if they truly learned from the Wizards that came from overseas many years ago and the secret is jealously kept among themselves. What is known though is that they can call spirits of the dead to serve them, manipulate the elements and daze the minds of their enemies, making them dangerous foes

Another outfit featuring the new Delving gear! I’ve been lucky to get some drops, so here I am with this exotic ensemble. I love wrap around mantles so I couldn’t pass the opportunity to showcase it. The hat, for its shape reminded me of the hoods angmarim and easterlings wear in game, but as I already made angmarim outfits, have this instead. I’m also happy to finally be able to use this robe from the Erebor raid set. It always looked very exotic to me, but I didn’t have anything I liked fr mcreating an ensemble around it. until now! The Blue Caste Sorcerers are a lotrO invention, but i’ve always liked how they are subtly relatd to the blue wizards without explicitly saying so (thank you copyright)

head: Pristine Keen Delver’s Hood, navy dye, drop from Delvings tier 7+ or quartermaster

shoulders: Keen Delver’s Mantle, sienna dye, drop from Delvings tier 5

chest: Jacket of Erebor’s Fury, navy dye, barter at the skirmish camp, light armour vendor

gloves: Gloves of the Isengard Dispeller, VIP promotion, September 2019

feet: Keen Delver’Shoes,black dye, drop from Delvings tier 5

cloak: Cloak of the Great Alliance, Minas Morgul collector edition

staff: Far Wanderer, random world drop


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