Lady ranger of Ithilien

The Rangers of Ithilien, or Rangers of the South, were a military group whose purpose was to defend Ithilien from the Haradrim and Orcs entering Gondor and from gaining full control of the lost provinces. By the time of the War of the Ring, Faramir led them, and they were based in the secred refuge of Henneth Annun. This lady is one such ranger, descendant of the people who lived in fair Ithilien before it fell to abandonment. Clad in practical clothes dyed with earthen hues to better camouflage with the landscape, the only insignias that make her recognizeable as one such defender are the little white trees embroidered on her gauntlets and boots.

Here I am with the first outfit of 2023, more Delving gear and a matching horse to boot! Weeee! the medium teal armour from the Delvings is 100% ranger look and nobody can convince me otherwise XD Since we know that our journey in game shall take us to Umbar passing through post-dawnless day Gondor, I thought to make something related to it. I am curious to see which passage south we shall take, the road to Harondor that does go through Ithilien, or the long tour through Anfalas. The horse of the Hidden Peaks was a happy little accident actually, since i wasn’t planning on matching any horse, but as it is this character go to horse… well it just worked.

head: Discerning delver’s cowl, delving reward tier 5

shoulders: Mantle of Hidden Peaks, olive dye, figment vendor (Rowan)

chest: Frayed discerning delver’s jack, delving reward tier 1

hands: Fierce gages of the wary, PVP medium starter gear

feet: Fierce boots of the wary, PVP medium starter gear

horse: Steed of Hidden Peaks, figment vendor (Rowan)


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