Outfit categories

A listing of the categories used to catalogue outfits for easy search. You can find the categories also at the bottom of the homepage

Life in Middle Earth (outfits based on the feel and theme of casual clothing, travel garb and fighting attire)

Casual, travel and fight

Dresses and robes

Race (outfits for a particular race. Beornings go with man and woman, High Elves go with male elf and female elf)

dwarf | female elf | female hobbit | male elf | man | woman

Colours (one tag can comprehend more hues)

black | blue | brown | burgundy, red and orange | gold and yellow | green and turquoise | purple, violet and pink | white and grey

Seasons (outfits with a seasonal theme to them)

summer | spring | autumn | winter

The Horse and Rider (outfits matching a particular steed)

The Horse and Rider

Series (outfit that go together in a specific Tolkien theme)

Gondolindrim (a serie of outfit depicting the folk of Gondolin)

The earliest Tales (a serie of outfits depicting characters from Tolkien’s early legendarium, the Book of Lost Tales)

Previews (beta, festival rewards, and such)


Non cosmetic category (everything else)

Non cosmetic category

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