Suilad randir, stay a moment and speak with me! I am Gloredh, a wandering elf roaming the lands of beautiful Middle Earth.

No I’m not mad, simply I am a gamer of the Lord of the Rings Online, a Tolkien based MMORPG, and a beautiful one in my opinion. That said, I had the idea of sharing the tales of my wanderings with you, and also a bit of insight on Middle Earth fashion, if you have time to spare, sit and listen well!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome site. I love your outfits. I do have a question 🙂 Is your character a warden? I really like the spear shield combo but I’m a guardian. Thanks!!

  2. I’m not normally interested in this sort of thing, but I must say your blog (and outfits) are very elegant. I also enjoy the solid Tolkien trivia and lore incorporated as well as truly pretty outfits. It lends a depth that this sort of thing really needs to be satisfying. 🙂

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