Lake-town angler

358508354462Lake-town has always been a merchant’s town. Being the center trade point of the Wilderland region between Dale, the Dwarves of Erebor and Mirkwood makes it a bustling town and not lacking in wares. It has its rich merchants and noblemen, but the common folk doesn’t seem to be passing a bad spell either. Surely not this woman, who rose early to procure her daily catch of lake fish to sell at the market. She is well equipped with all the nets, rods and creels an angler needs and sturdy leather clothes of a muted green to both keep herself dry and camouflage among the reeds. While out fishing, it is best to avoid becoming the catch of one of the many Avancs roaming the lake side.
535849325011 I wanted to make a very down to earth and simple outfit this time. I have not been using the U22 clothes much, but better late than never right? I find that the medium armour works very well by itself, and the only adjustment was for the shoulder piece, as the matching one is a skull that sits on the right shoulder… fortunately the mantle-like shoulder piece that is customary of the U23 light armour worked well with the rest of the outfit, and ashenslades green dye tied it all together

shoulders: Gentle Mantle of the Strongholds, ashenslades green dye, U23 quest reward

chest: Reinforced Hauberk of Thranduil’s Power, ashensladed green, Epic quest reward or barter from the Elves of Felegoth

hands: Dexterous Gages of Thranduil’s Cunning, ashensladed green, barter from the Elves of Felegoth

feet: Lithe Boots of Thranduil’s Cunning, ashensladed green, barter from the Elves of Felegoth

back: Fishing Creel, reward for the Anniversary Scavenger event

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