On the wings of a swallow

If there was somewhere in lotro where swallows fly as low as the seagulls do in the bay of Belfalas, I’d have gone there to take the screenshots, but alas there aren’t so, pretend the gulls in the screens are swallows XD I was in the mood for a very simple outfit, yet with detail enough that it wouldn’t be “boring”. I used these shoulderpads only once before and should use them more often, the feather-like appearance matched well with the cloak which to me resembles a swallow’s tail. As of tomorrow it’ll already be March, with March comes spring, the warmer weather and flocks of swallows migrating to their old nests. The spring festival will soon be upon us and this time I’m very curious to see what the devs have in store for us after the very nice selection we got for Yule. Hopefully they can keep up the good quality (and I wouldn’t mind another “two tailed” cloak)

shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Faramir’s Faithful, evendim blue dye, barter in Bar Hurin

chest: Exquisite Elven Dress, evendim blue dye, Mirkwood kindred reputation or Lotro store

back: Ice flower cloak, evendim blue dye, yule festival reward

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