Bullroarer preview 2015 spring festival cosmetics

yes they are for real this time! A new Bullroarer build went live today with festival included. This year the theme is “New Bloom” and I am in love with the steed! So elfy! We have a new model of tunic, regular horse and a hooded cloak. No warsteed caparison or unhooded cloak. If they get added later, I will update this post. The cosmetic shrew pets have been added to the regular barter as well, and are no more a random drop from quests. Red dye to show dyeable parts

ethuethu1 Steed of New Bloom, 40 tokens

ethu2ethu3ethu4ethu5 Tunic and Trousers of New Bloom, 18 tokens

Cloak of New Bloom, 15 tokens


4 thoughts on “Bullroarer preview 2015 spring festival cosmetics

  1. Great to see that a different robe skin has been modified (the Burglar/Beorning chest piece I believe) and that the William Morris inspired embroidery has been toned down significantly. It also thrills me to see a new steed barding inspired by the Steed of the Champion, even though there might not be a future caparison for it. Lovely bright greens this year! I’m actually considering collecting these from the festival, but that means three months of updating to do!

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