Yule festival 2015 Bullroarer preview

(reminder that all on BR is subject to change before hitting live servers)

The third load test for new hardware is open on Bullroarer, in this build all festivals have been activated, and I jumped first to Winter Home to see the new Yule rewards. Gondor emblems are still the seasonal theme for back item and horse, in Autumn we got Anorien, for winter we have Ithilien. There is also another news, we do not have a dress nor robe, but two new shoulder pieces, in a fashion that reminds those worn by Lossoth npcs. Red to show dyeable areas

Shield of the Ithilien Winter, 35 tokens

yu2 yu1 yu

Hooded Mantle of Winter Drifts, Helmed Mantle of Winter Drifts, 25 tokens each


Steed of Ithilien Winter, caparison of Ithilien Winter, 80 tokens each


5 thoughts on “Yule festival 2015 Bullroarer preview

  1. Eh, not feeling particularly impressed with the new Yule cosmetics. I appreciate Turbine’s efforts for creating new styles but the shield and steed are reskinned duplicates from the 2015 Fall Festival and I’m not a big fan of hooded items. Even though the two new shoulders are unique, I worry about heavy clipping when I look at the design. Not sure if they’ll fit more like the Shoulders of the Wildermore, the Eastemnet Skirmish Pauldrons, or the Pauldrons of Eomer. As usual, I’ll still collect everything but the steed πŸ™‚

    • yeah, I was very glad when they made the Anorien dress, but as with robes there were complains that there was nothing for male models… I guess they tried to give something more unisex this time around. Or as you say just try something new. I now hope for a hat full of flowers for spring XD

  2. Thanks for the preview Gloredh, always appreciated! πŸ˜€ I kind of like the two hoods, something a bit different at least. But man, these textures seem really bare-bones! Dev time is severely limited these days, I guess.

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