Summer festival 2017 rewards preview

It’s here it’s here, another year another Summerfest 🙂 For this summerfest, we find yet more novelties in the rewards, and no novelty in the way tokens are obtained. Summerfest is notoriously the grindiest of them all, aside Inn Leage and Ale Association, there is not a way to get tokens “fast”. There are the fishing quests, but there is an element of rng to them that I quite don’t like. Anyway, let’s go to the rewards. This year’s theme is sunflowers. We get new kites and an emote, and some… colorful clothes XD (edit 08/10/17 cloak and dress added)



(edit 10/8/17: Sunflower cloak, Long-short-sleevless Sunflower dresses at 15 token each)

summerdress summercloak

I LOVE the mane and tail of this steed, they look puffy! And the basket of flowers which is a nice touch



the dyes. They are not new, but they are cycled in the mithril coin/festival coin wheel


4 thoughts on “Summer festival 2017 rewards preview

  1. Thanks for posting these! I’m a very casual LOTRO player these days so It’s nice to be reminded of the seasonal cosmetics, I’m just in love with that steed! Will definately be logging in for that

  2. I was loving the new clothes until I scrolled below waist level…am I the only one thinking pajamas? lol The new steed is a cutie though! I wish there weren’t so many pieces to have to earn but usually this is one of my best festivals for grinding because I love the fishing. It really relaxes me! Does the warsteed headpiece include the mane or is it just the halter?

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