Forochel herder

285919423003 Life is not easy in the icy wastes of Forochel. The Lossoth, the only human presence to be found know this very well and have learned to survive with any and all resource this inhospitable land gives them. One such resource is herding mammoths. Cattle as such, cows and bulls are nowhere to be found, instead replaced by the giant mammoths and aurochs. At crack of dawn, this lossoth herder prepares himself and his steed for another day in the “pasture”45990021Both covered in heavy fur garments, they gallop fast to the herding grounds. Evil Gauredain, the wolf-men are often seen lurking around the precious herd in hopes to snatch an ill deserved meal. This Lossoth is prepared to chase them away if they ever dare to come close to the herd however, and nothing escapes his vigilant eyes, nor the heavy hooves of his horse112235420433Happy new year y’all! Figured I should start the new year with a winter themed outfit, and a horse to pair it with since I haven’t done a matching outfit in a while. Assembling this outfit makes glaring the big problem lotro has with clipping, which is becoming worse the more cosmetics are added to the game… but that’s the game’s years showing I guess. While the cloak is made of feathers and not fur, I used it anyway as it looked nice with the “wear whatever you need to fend off the cold” effect I was going for

head: Worn Hood, umber dye, Beorning male starter armour

shoulders: Fur mantle, Yule festival reward

chest: Wildermore Survivor’s Medium Breastplate, white dye, barter with People of Wildermore

hands: Wildermore Survivor’s Medium Gloves, white dye, barter with People of Wildermore

legs: Wildermore Survivor’s Medium Boots, white dye, barter with People of Wildermore

feet: Ajokoira Shoes, umber dye, Forochel Tailoring reputation recipe

back: Cloak of the Wise Wanderer, barter for Figments of splendor at the npc near Bree boar fountain

warsteed: Snowbeast steed, tail and mane: Steed colour pack 4, coat: Steed colour pack 6, lotro store

4 thoughts on “Forochel herder

  1. Very nice! I love how all of the clothing comes together, even if the cloak doesn’t exactly match up. Honestly, it suits not just the theme of the outfit itself, but the background of it in a resources-are-limited, waste not, want not, survivalist fashion. It’s conveyed very well in the pictures! 🙂

  2. I’ve been wondering what to do with those feathered cloaks but it matches this outfit very well! Nice to see the Wildermore medium armour. It’s actually a good fit for the Lossoth. Happy New Year to you too!

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