Double-edged sword

After rainbow-duo chrome shifting cosmetics and flowery goat mounts, I felt like doing a down to earth outfit for a chance. Or as much down to earth as you can get when putting together an outfit for an elf. I didn’t have anything particular in mind with tho, only that I wanted something that would look practical and at the same time fit for pointy ears. Well… armored skirts are practical aren’t they? XD I don’t think I’ve used Anorien gear more than once or twice before, and the reason being that on female models it causes terrible warping of the body. Even on males it looks weird unless race of Men. But the skirt, boots and gloves here have very minimal issues. It is also the first time I used the “dark mossy green dye”. I quite like it, although rather than moss, I’d say it looks olive. More olive than the regular olive dye. Now for the reason of the title… the swords I used for props have a little blade at the end of the hilt. I find it a nice little detail, but makes them dangerous for the wielder too. I featured the same sword in a post before and didn’t notice… I don’t have elven eyes!

chest: Jacket of the Lady’s Secrecy, dark mossy green dye, barter in Caras Galadhon, burglar armour

legs: Leggings of the Anorien Field, dark mossy green dye, Anorien quest reward

hands: Gauntlets of the Anorien Field, dark mossy green dye, Anorien quest reward

feet: Boots of the Anorien Field, dark mossy green dye, Anorien quest reward

back: Hooded Legolas’ cloak, umber dye, Anniversary Scavenger Hunt reward

swords: Maethmagol, champion class quest reward

bow: Ladbeng, Trollshaws quest reward

2 thoughts on “Double-edged sword

  1. Beautiful swords! I love how you created a chest/legs outfit. They are so rare these days with all armour being onesies. The mossy green is my kind of colour and elves do look good in that hooded cloak. Lovely combinations!

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