Stone cold dread

In the snowy peaks of the Misty Mountain lay many fortresses and ruins of a past nearly forgotten by the dwarves, but even more remote and forgotten is the testimony of stonework in the frozen north, farthest than any other land, high above and north-west of the lossoth encampment of Kuru-Leirdi stands Kibilzahar. This old fortress is witnessing of a time when dwarves were common in these lands. It has long since laid abandoned, frostbitten but strong it has been towering over the landscape without any living soul walking the battlements. Yet today no living soul is found…but recently other fell shadows have been seen haunting this place (from lotro wiki)This brave dwarf has not forgotten the old tales of his ancestors treading a soil very few ever set foot upon, a long and arduous journey which left even his clothes frozen. Snowflakes and icicles seem to have been permanently stitched to the fabric, the only thing that is not frozen is the furry rim of his cloak and… his beard surprisingly. Not that this dwarf would let a bit of chill get in the way of reclaiming the old fortress for the Longboards once more. Be it the chill of nature or that of dreadful wights

This classifies as a Bullroarer beta outfit for the sole reason that I can’t get the gear on the live servers XD I have been severely behind of dailies, scroll farming, crystal farming, LI farming, basically everything farming with my characters that it would take me an eternity to catch up and be ready to enter a T2 Anvil raid for the armor. While on BR I can just get it from an npc. I am actually not a fan of the anvil raid armour, first because it cannot be dyed, second because it just looks… weird to me. The only one a bit normal looking is the light set which I used here. I think it can look ok paired with other winter-like gear, but personally I feel like this is one of those sets that looks good when it is complete, with just a cloak to give it an extra touch and make it feel really complete. The bearskin cloak fortunately works.

chest: Winterstith hauberk of fortitude

hands: Winterstith gages of fortitude

shoulders: Winterstith camel of fortitude

feet: Winterstith boots of fortitude

back: Bearskin winter cloak, sea blue dye, lotro store

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