Yavanna Kementari

Yavanna was one of the Aratar and was next to Varda in reverence. She was the elder “sister” of Vána and the consort of Aulë. She was responsible for all things that grew in the earth, from the towering trees to the moss on the rocks. Most notably, she is the “mother” and creator of the Two Trees in Valinor, Laurelin and Telperion, and of the Shepherds of the Trees aka Ents. Her husband is Aule, the Smith of the Valar. Yavanna means “Giver of Fruits” in Quenya. The name is a compound of yávë (“fuit”) and anna (“gift”). Her epithet Kementári means “Queen of the Earth”.
Her usual form was that of a tall woman robed in green. She has also been seen in the form of a tall tree growing from the waters of Ulmo to the winds of Manwe spilling golden dew from her branches, which made the barren earth green with corn (from Tolkien Gateway) It’s been a minute since I felt inspired to make an outfit with rewards from a festival right off the bat. I do collect new rewards every festival, but the magic waned with the years when it came to make outfits out of them. But boy oh boy are the dresses from the midsummer festival beautiful. Sooo many people were already wearing them all around Minas Tirith. This one especially it is almost fairy-like. I love the gradient when the purple is paired with a contrasting color; I’d like to use the male outfit as well, but I don’t really like it in black and hope it gets fixed so we can change its color soon

head: Symbelmyne circlet, spring festival rewards

shoulders: Supple Wildermore shoulderpads of Insight, dark purple dye, crafted tailor recipe

chest: Arwen’s dinner dress, bullroarer green dye, Midsummer festival reward

back: Bridal veil, bullroarer green dye, Midsummer festival reward

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