Dressing up for Harvestmath: The Faux-wraith

‘They come from Mordor,’ said Strider in a low voice. ‘From Mordor, Barliman, if that means anything to you.’ ” ― The Fellowship of the Ring, “Strider”

The Nazgûl, the Ringwraiths, the Nine, the Black Riders were Sauron’s most terrible servants in Middle-earth. Spirits of ancient Kings of Men seduced by the corrupted powers of the Nine Rings forged by Sauron for their race, unable to die a natural death and serving their master as puppets in spirit, hearing their screech makes one’s blood freeze and loose all hope. They had visible form only if wearing black cloaks and hauberks of silver mail, the only visible trait of their “body” being hypnotic eyes that could be plainly distinguished from their dark clothing, and in a rage they appeared in a hellish fire.

What better idea than to impersonate one of these terrible beings for Harvestmath right? At least that’s what this fellow thought, covering himself in tattered black rags and running around screeching at night, scaring fellow gentlemen and poor hobbits alike. The “hypnotic” eyes look a tad too blue to be scary though… and the sword pus morgul blade are definitely made of rubber XD

This outfit doesn’t come entirely from my imagination, but takes inspiration from one that The Starry Mantle posted in far 2012 and that I always loved. I decided to modernize it a bit with cosmetics that have been available to us since Mordor, home of the Ringwraiths. It doesn’t show in the pics, but the cloak has actual moving shadows at the seams, very cool! Happy Halloween!

Head: Helm of the Investigator, black dye, Great River quest reward

Shoulders: The Huntsman’s Shoulder Guards, barter at the Ox Clan camp in Isengard, hunter armour

Chest: Traveling robes of the Autumn Wandered, black dye, harvestmath festival reward

Hands: The Huntsman’s Shoulder Gloves, barter at the Ox Clan camp in Isengard, hunter armour

Feet: The Huntsman’s Shoulder Boots, barter at the Ox Clan camp in Isengard, hunter armour

Back: Cloak of the Nine, reward for completing the deed The Nine

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