Random post: pick your lucky mount

Yep, not an outfit, but some random thing that happened today, related to it. Mount actually. That there are so many mount in lotro is a thing I always liked, making outfits to match them, chose particular ones for a character and generally having fun collecting them. My favorite kind are festival ones. I did arrive kinda late to the party in lotro, so I miss all the steeds that were released in festivals from 2007 to 2011, which in my opinion, had some of the best steed designs. There is the possibility to buy them in the store, but 70 mithril coins per mount, for me is way too much to spend. Especially since the ones I don’t have are many. I did not bother with the newly released box inside the lootbox which-is-supposed-to-drop-a-horse-but-is-so-rare-that-I’ll-never-gonna-get. I don’t even bother with any lootbox since my luck with them has always been awful. This weekend though has increased drop rate, and while playing with my huntress, I did get a box&key from a very gentleorc. Well, both I got for “free”, and it means whatever I get inside won’t be a waste of gold as if I had bought it off the auction right? So I opened it, and inside it was the elusive:ScreenShot00102
And scrolling the list of mounts, the one I have been lusting for since I saw a player riding it two years ago, my very favorite of festival horses:ScreenShot00104The Blue Roan Steed! Woohoo! This mount was introduced during the Spring Festival 2010, and it is so pretty and elvish looking! What makes this horse more special than others though, is that it was created by a player for an old “design a horse” contest hosted by Turbine. The reward was having the winning steed be introduced in game, and here it is! Yeah, I’m bragging about it a bit… but I am glad luck was on my side for once hehe XD Now off to make an outfit for it……….


5 thoughts on “Random post: pick your lucky mount

  1. Nice, my champion has that horse:) But I wonder where she got it, because I wasn’t playing during the spring festival, I began in the autumn of 2010. Anyway, it’s a pretty horse, I really should use mine more often:)

  2. Oooh, Congrats!! I came late as well and missed all of the wonderful horses from early 2011 back – there are some really lovely ones I wish were mine 🙂 Someday I hope to get that pick a mount box, too!

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