Dawnless day at Sea

(edit: the green background was really bugging me, replaced with a more neutral one) 51-89 25-25As it turned out, the new pretty essence gear from Osgiliath is locked under completion of Tier 2 challenge, and /roll on Morgul Crests. The class specific, non essence gear is inside some class boxes that drop at random from regular tier2. needless to say, it will take me a looooot of time before getting any of these pieces (I only did a couple Sunken labs at tier 1 so far), which for now are on my wish list, and I will admire those who have them and the outfits they can make :). That said, landscape quests offer something new as well. While they are reskinned versions of the tier 8 crafted armour, the reskin is interesting enough to make new combinations, like the robe in this post. Central Gondor is so dark, I had to tinker with brightness and contrast quite a lot to make the details visible 08-66 19-91

shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West shoulders, rust dye, barter in Harndirion (Enedwaith)

chest: Robe of the five rivers, white dye, Eastern Gondor quest reward

gloves: Gloves of the Diplomat, Sunken Labyrinth reward tier 1

feet: Shoes of the Diplomat, white dye, Sunken Labyrinth reward tier 1

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