Thlim Ith Mindon

Penlod perished there in a lane with his back to the wall, and about him many of the men of the Pillar and many of the Tower of the Snow.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, The Fall of GondolinThlim Ith Mindon or the House of the Tower of Snow was one of the 12 noble Houses of the Gondothlim. It was united with the House of the Pillar under the elf lord Penlod and both of the houses perished, along with their leader, when trying to defend the walls of the Hidden City during the Fall of Gondolin. Their symbol is supposed to be a white tower in violet background5152 4288 0475 Yet another total remake of this outfit. The previous one was… a mix of lowbie crafted and world drops which looked ok at the time for the theme, especially a weird pointy helm that looked like a pencil, but pales in comparison to the looks of the Last Alliance preorder armour for Mordor. This new ensemble says “Tower of Snow”. I did not find info as to what weapons they used in battle, buuuuut, since I am reworking this outfit using my new high elf captain as model, I gotta use a halberd. That’s the unique captain weapon after all. Captain’s Arm is my favorite.4155 2881 0226head: Coruthor, white dye, minstrel class quest reward

shoulders: Shoulders of the Wall Warden, white dye, classic skirmish camp barter

chest: Alliance of the Third Age Hauberk, dark clay dye, Collector or Ultimate Mordor pre-purchase bundle

hands: Alliance of the Third Age Gages, Collector or Ultimate Mordor pre-purchase bundl

feet: Alliance of the Third Age Boots, Collector or Ultimate Mordor pre-purchase bundle

back: Cloak of Many Worlds, server consolidation event reward

halberd: Captain’s Arm, drop from Barad Gularan

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