Rage of the Stone-carver

Skarhald, the stronghold of the ancient dwarven realms in Ered Mithrin, is constantly under attack. Orcs, drakes and worse seek to claim the keep for themselves; it falls to the Longbeards and Zhelruka defending their ancestral home from evil. The stone-carver, while not proficient with good ol’ axe and shield, can channel the remnants of arcanepower that still are present in the rocky foundations and turn them against the Enemy

More dorf love! Dressing up dwarves has always been a challenge for me, even with the new and improved stout-axes, their body proportions mean most gear will clip and stretch horribly on them… yes even the newer cosmetics. Fortunately, some can be saved, like the old Moria robes which fit a dwarf quite well. Mixing up old and new while outfitting can lead to unexpected and pleasant results, as it was the case for this outfit, where the cloak, reward of the Gabil’akka missions is a perfect match to this old Moria robe. Even the little orange gem on the front of the collar maatches the trim of the robe 😀

head: Ceremonial Hat of the Stone-student, barter at the skirmish camp cosmetic vendor

shoulders: Cosmetic Mantle of the Gabil’akkâ, gold dye, barter Gabil’akka quartermaster

chest: Ceremonial Robe of the Stone-student, barter at the skirmish camp cosmetic vendor

hands: Ceremonial Gloves of the Stone-student, red dye, barter at the skirmish camp cosmetic vendor

feet: Light boots of the Khirvisa, starter gear for light classes Stout-axe dwarves

back: Cosmetic Light Cloak of the Gabil’akkâ, barter Gabil’akka quartermaster


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