35792487Meluinen in the North Downs was once a lush land south of the Kingsfell region where elves had settled in the refuge of Lin Giliath and Men of Arthedain built the town of Ost Ardúlin (Merenost) by the shore of lake Nen Harn. The elven refuge of Lin Giliath is located in the north of Meluinen, where the road for Othrikar begins. Having lived there for ages uncounted the residents are becoming worried as orcs have by now established a strong presence in the vicinity, and stone-trolls have returned to some nearby caves. In the centre of the refuge is this magnificent library of Tham Giliath where one of the most renowned elves of Middle-earth can be found, lord Gildor Inglorion himself. Meluinen is jealously guarded by the Eldar, and this elven maid is part of the scouts who daily patrol the perimeter of the region. Her armour is unusually heavy for an archer, but necessary when there is the risk of facing both orcs and trolls. Her bow is also made of resistant wood, not the most flexible, but surely durable and adorned of bright blue gems. Cúfaron she named it, the faithful Bow of the Hunter (Cu=bow, Faron=hunter, sindarin).2414Inspiration for this outfit came from this post by So Long, and Thanks for all the Fashion. I think the original combination presented in the blog is a very nice “heavy hunter” theme, and also looks good in walnut brown. I reproduced it on my huntress, changing only a few pieces to give it a “heavier” look 😀 The bow is a reward for the level 30 hunter class quest2492head: Hat of the lady’s Secrecy, walnut brown dye, burglar Dar Naburgud raid set, share appearance with ceremonial version in Lalia’s market

chest: Elven Soldier Armour, walnut brown dye, tier 4 heavy crafted

shoulders: Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Defence, walnut brown dye, Lalia’s Market

hands: Footman’s gloves, walnut brown dye, crafted tier 6 medium

legs: Elven Soldier Leggings, walnut brown dye, tier 4 heavy crafted

feet: Ceremonial boots of the Quiet Step, walnut brown dye, cosmetic skirmish barter

bow: Cufaron, level 30 hunter class quest reward

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