Summer festival 2018 preview

It is time to get out in the scorching sun again, fight off heat waves and parading like peacocks to make your hobbit neighbours jealous. This will make sense further down this post as the novelties for this summerfest are a lot, and the rewards doubled in size. Most prominently we see the introduction of a festival skirmish plus a revival of good old Thrang from the Rift. While the Thrang fight rewards recolours of old rift gear, I decided to not show them on mannequins… it’s the same skin just recolored. But it is tied to the summerfest after all. This fight gives one special token to trade for one piece of gear, while the summer skirmish gives its own currency plus summer tokens, and as this is the most scrooge festival for time invested/token ratio, it is a welcome addition. Let’s start with normal cosmetics first, as we have two sets, one peacock themed, and one picnic themed. Red dye to show how they dye. The two hats are undyeable. The peculiarity of the dresses is that they let you choose which shoes to wear… pity that most of them clip through it

peacock 2
peacock 3
peacock 5
peacock 9

Now, we have the summer horse, which is shown in his pony version at Hengstacer. The saddlebags are different for each side

peacock 4
peacock 10

The novelties are mostly in the skirmish reward vendor. We have new pets and house decos. The peacocks are divided between this and the regular vendor, but as the only thing that changes is the color, I’ll showcase two

peacock 7
peacock 8

the dyes are also back
peacock 11

lastly, the Rift rewards. Not all of them as some are found in boxes, some not listed are obtained in the instance itself

peacock 6

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